Online Tools

Benefit Portals

BrokersDirect provides a highly customized employee benefit management service for both small and large employers. All of our services are web-based which eliminates the need for costly servers and IT infrastructure. Employees can access an online portal that contains information for the employee regarding all employee benefits insurance available and other HR policies, procedures and compliance notices. Administrators can manage eligibility, communicate benefits and access the company’s compliance and research library.

  • Eliminate costly paper materials
  • Enhance employee understanding and awareness
  • Improve your regulatory compliance
  • Track eligibility & elections
  • Workflow automation tools streamline common tasks

Online Enrollment Services

BrokersDirect Online Enrollment Solutions have a proven track record of success. Our solutions are highly sophisticated while being delivered in a simple and easy way for brokers, employers and employees.  Electronic enrollment dramatically reduces costs and errors, improves overall turnaround, and streamlines the benefits administration process.

Employees can compare plan options and build a personalized package of employee benefits simply and easily.

  • Automate open and ongoing enrollments
  • Prevent employees from submitting incomplete information
  • Unburden administrators with employee self service
  • Integrated core and voluntary enrollments

Data Management Services

BrokersDirect Data Management Services are customized for the needs of employers.  Employers and Brokers have access to a complete set of tools, workflows and reports for self administration or BrokersDirect can provide a complete outsourced service.  BrokersDirect offers a variety of benefits administration solutions that are tailored to your needs and your budget.

  • Consolidated billing simplifies administration
  • Reduce costs through carrier reconciliation services
  • Outsource retiree benefits billing and fulfillment
  • COBRA Administration